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zoom passwords

Where is my Zoom password?


You may have noticed that zoom has added mandatory passwords for all meetings and you can’t turn this off. So what does that mean?

New Personal Meeting Link

If you login to zoom via the website and click profile, you will find your new zoom URL with the password embedded. If you share this link with your meeting attendees and they click the link to enter the meeting, they will not be required to enter a zoom password.

If you have previously shared an embed link with attendees, they can continue to use that old link. However, if you just shared your zoom room number, they will require a zoom password.

The zoom invitation has been updated to include the password and new personal meeting room link.

Where is my zoom password?

To find your zoom password.
  • Login to zoom via the website.
  • Click settings.
  • Under meeting you will find ‘Require a password for Personal Meeting ID (PMI)’, your password will be here. Share this password with your attendees.

Waiting room feature

Zoom has now turned on the waiting room feature by default. This means that when an attendee joins your meeting, the host will need to admit them to the meeting. This is a very handy feature and one I have been using for some time. Its really helpful if you always use your Personal Meeting ID, rather than a new link per zoom meeting.

Password is Required if Joining by Phone

Attendees will now be required to enter your meeting password if they are joining your meeting by phone.


If you need help navigating these new features, feel free to reach out and I’d be happy to assist.

Happy zooming.


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