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A bio tool is a great way to funnel your Instagram followers/customers to your business links such as; products, blogs, promotions/giveaways, or free downloads. Perhaps you are using Linktree or something similar?

Here at Creative Desk, we offer a more personalised and superior alternative, our CONNECT page, which is your own customised landing page with all your links built in. The best part about it, is you have the ultimate freedom for design to ensure your own style shines through, and you are not limited to the number of links you can have. You can choose the colours, fonts and graphics – making it in keeping with your own style guide and themes. Every platform that you use should follow the same branding themes to keep consistent and uniform for your customers to recognise instantly.

As you only have a short time to capture the attention of your customers (0.02 seconds in fact), and Instagram only allows 5 links per account,  we make it as user-friendly as possible to ensure your customers are easily directed to where they want to go, a bit of a choose your own adventure if you will. As you are driving traffic directly to your own website you can measure the success of each campaign/link with Google Analytics.

If this is the missing link (pun intended!) you are looking to, to convert your followers on Instagram to your website, talk to us today about this service.

Examples of a Custom Instagram Link Page

Nadia Venditti

Profit First

Creative Desk

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