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Podcast Management

Have you thought about starting a podcast but not quite sure what to do?

Do you know how to record but get stuck with the editing?

Does the creative and marketing aspects of podcasts scare you?

We help small business owners bring their podcasts to life, with our Podcast Management services.

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Our typical podcast management service includes:

  • We can provide support for podcast episodes
  • Basic editing of your podcast, including trimming audio file or converting video to audio file, adding intro and outro. We do not take out ums or ahs. etc, but if you provide details of what you want to be removed, eg 2.30 – 3.30 we can do those edits.
  • Creation of podcast episode cover artwork
  • Publish of podcast audio file to the podcast host
  • Publish of podcast episode to your blog and blog featured image
  • Creation of audiogram to use on social media
  • Creation of 2 image posts to use on social media
  • Transcript for episodes
  • You need to provide details of the podcast content, eg title, bios of guests, resources or links mentioned

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