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I understand that when you are looking for a new service, one of the first things you want to know is ‘How much will it cost?’.

Social Media Management

Social media management is offered as a package price, view here. 

Prefer a fixed price quote?

I can also provide you with a fixed-price quote based on your specific requirements. I will also be able to provide you with an estimated time of completion. Contact us for details.

Below is my standard rate card.

Creative Desk Frog
$99per hour inc GST

Ideal if you have occasional tasks or projects you need help with.

Turn around time

Retainer clients have time blocked out in the calendar each month for their tasks.

Casual client turnaround time will be based on availability at the time.  If you know you have a project coming up, please contact us to book it.


Updated March 2023

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