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The Real Truth About Social Media’s Impact

We understand that sometimes it might seem like social media isn’t driving instant sales or inquiries. But here’s the secret: social media offers so much more!

Want to know some of the underlying benefits of being active on your socials? Keep reading, heck even bookmark this page because it’s full of gold, when it comes to your businesses’ socials and why interaction and regular posting are key to creating and fostering relationships with your followers / customers on the other side of their screens.  

  1. Brand Visibility: Being active on social media will boost recognition and trust in your brand. With the end goal being to direct more traffic to your website. Increasing your social media activity will ensure your brand is top of mind for your followers. The more your brand is available and accessible to the public the better recognition for your business. Long ago increasing brand visibility was an expensive exercise, when advertising via television commercials, or print media, was the best way to communicate en masse, today social media allows maximum exposure with smaller monetary investments.
  2. Audience Engagement: Are you genuinely connecting with your audience? When it comes to social media, interaction can include likes, comments, shares, DMs, saves, clicks, survey responses and mentions. It’s all about making two-way communication accessible and encouraged. Like our IRL (In Real Life) relationships, we thrive when communication works both ways. When one person is dominant we can walk away from the relationship, however, when conversation and interest are a two-way street this is where we flourish, as does the trust in the relationship.
  3. Content Showcase: It’s your time to shine, and this is the perfect place to let that spotlight find you! Let you and your products revel in that glow as you demonstrate to your audience that you are an industry expert and that the products or services that you provide are an extension of you. When you do this you are helping to build trust with your brand and you. People are curious by nature, so sharing your experiences and highlighting your knowledge will increase interest and trust with your customers.
  4. Market Insights: Want to know what your customers want? Ask them! Yes, it really is that simple. Create a quiz, seek comments and responses. Social media is a truly valuable tool when it comes to market research, and time efficient. The better you understand your audience the more targeted your approach can be with your strategies and the products or services that you offer. Everyone wants to be listened to, but even more so, people love to have their opinions asked. The key is to be genuine when doing so, and also what you do with the information. Ensure you take it on board and create products and services that your clients will invest in.
  5. Customer Support: More and more customers choose social media as the preferred communication channel when it comes to customer service enquiries, and they expect a rapid response. In this instance being able to provide this support in a timely manner increases the trust with your customers, and adds intrinsic value to your brand’s equity. It can also help resolve issues as they arise and prevent negative customer experiences.

You have most likely realised by now that the underpinning goal is to create trust with your audience, this can be achieved via various methods, but social media is usually the first place that a new client gets to know a sense of you and your services. If you can make a great first impression with your socials, and keep them engaged and interactive you are on the path to consumer gold relationship status!

So, let this be your reminder to prioritise your social media presence. Whether you choose to do this yourself with the aid of scheduling software, or by outsourcing this to marketing gurus (like us here at Creative Desk!). The value may not be seen by converting clicks to sales straight away, sometimes it is more of a slow burn, but either way, like any healthy and positive relationship, the foundation is trust and social media is the perfect vessel to create this with your audience. 

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I'm Michelle Tolhurst the owner, director of Creative Desk Pty Ltd. I'm your virtual marketing assistant working with small businesses around Australia in their creative communications, email campaigns, websites, social media and desktop publishing.

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