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The Quest for Social Media’s Holy Grail

Do you scramble for content ideas for Social Media for your business?

You are not alone in this, the struggle is real for many businesses. But, never fear, Creative Desk is here to help you with content ideas that you can implement into your own social media channels. This is sure to be a blog that you will refer to time and time again, so hit that bookmark page button to make it easy for yourself!

If you are on a quest for the Social Media Holy Grail (aka more followers with more engagement), then the answer is to keep it simple by posting regular content that showcases the value that you or your product brings to your clients. What do I mean by this? Check out some ideas below:

  • Tips – write out 5 tips to share with your followers. Not only does this help with content creation it also helps position you and your business as an expert. Create 1 post per tip and post them once a week – you could even call it Tuesday’s Tip for example…
  • Create a How To Video utilising your product or service as a feature
  • Showcase how you can make your clients life easier by using your product or service (can you save your clients time? What purpose does your product or service have?)
  • Create a Free E Book offering advice ( 5 reasons why your clients need your business), but for people to access it, they need to sign up to your newsletter. This will help grow your database
  • Create posts that ask your followers questions for example,  ‘This or That’
  • Ask your customers about their struggles, then use their answers as content offering your solution
  • Re-Use your content – Take the content from your website and create these into posts, reels or carousels. The could be Website Wednesday’s
  • Do A Task With Me – create a reel or video of the steps used when performing a task within your business (eg packing an order, creating artwork, building a website etc)

So, now you have the content ideas, but how often and when should you be posting them?

We recommend 3-7 posts a week. This can be a combination of stories, posts and videos. If you are posting multiple stories in a day we suggest no more than 6 so you don’t over-saturate your followers. Remember you want them to look and engage in all of your content, so if there are too many stories posted you are likely to be skipped on a swipe across.

It is important to include posts at least once a week in your social media plan. This ensures that your grid is refreshed enough for your regular followers and also provides new and relevant content for new followers who have recently joined. It also demonstrates that your business is in operation for those who have come across it more recently. Again, this can be a mixture of text, images, reels and videos. We highly recommend including videos and reels as part of your social media content as they help reach a larger audience.

We love to schedule our social media, it is a massive game changer when it comes to saving time and maximising efficiency. We are big fans of social media scheduling tool SmarterQueue. Why not try SmarterQueue yourself and get a free extended 30-day trial with this link. Please note this is an affiliate link, and we may receive a commission when you click our link and make a purchase. This, however, has no bearing on our recommendation. We only recommend products and services we use ourselves.

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If you need any assistance with setting up a social media plan, or maybe it is simply a job that you prefer to outsource, then give us a call and we can do it for you!

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I'm Michelle Tolhurst the owner, director of Creative Desk Pty Ltd. I'm your virtual marketing assistant working with small businesses around Australia in their creative communications, email campaigns, websites, social media and desktop publishing.

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