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Canva You Keep a Secret?

Utilising the online graphic design tool powerhouse that is Canva, has helped many of us up our game when it comes to creating professional, show-stopping graphics across our marketing channels. Whether it be your go-to tool for social media, print design, presentations, videos or even website graphics the Australian company is providing us novice designers an outlet to let our creative juices flow without looking like fraudsters!

Canva recently asked its users ‘What’s your best-kept Canva Secret?’. Here is a rundown of some of the tips and tricks that some of their users are currently enjoying.

A top contender is the Magic Erase tool. With a simple click or brush stroke it removes unwanted objects (even other people in photos). Also, the Background Eraser allows any background details to disappear within a moment. Less distractions, to let your image shine the way you intended it to.

Mobility and Accessibility was also another feature that was praised. Being able to run a presentation anywhere in the world (as long as the internet is available) and not needing to download to a USB is a game changer. This allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to editing on the run.

Magic Write! Move over Chat GPT, Canva’s Magic Write is a top contender when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) text generation. With limitless possibilities, I can assist with website copy, blog outlines, captions, social media content ideas and more. Just start with a simple prompt and let the inspiration take you on a journey. The best thing about this, is that it is a free function (up to 25 queries, if you need more Canva Pro entitles you for additional access).

Brand Kits. Canva’s Brand Kits make life easy when you are creating graphics and content across multiple brands. Perhaps you use it for your clients, or maybe your own business has multiple brands under its umbrella. By having colours, fonts, logos and templates kept in one location it’s easy to keep consistency across your brand’s look and feel with just a few clicks.

Another time-saving hack is the ability to link your Google Drive full of images, videos and designs with Canva. No need to upload or download, assets and designs are automatically updated for you. Maximum efficiency… tick!

The Holy Grail of Templates! Whether being used for resumes, sales posts, presentations, menus, or worksheets (the list is actually endless) Canva is the place to go for templates! Simply adjust colours or fonts to suit your brand (by utilising the Brand Kit) and you have a professional design in minutes!

Uploading and editing a PDF is a massive game changer. No need to recreate it! Even if there are both images and text as part of your PDF, Canva breaks them up for editing purposes. Simply edit the areas that you need to.

Share with us what your favourite Canva function is, we would love to hear! 

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