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Sked Social

Sked Social is an Australian based online social media scheduling system, with its main focus being Instagram, but is also compatible for other social media platforms too like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google My Business. It started out of frustration, from founder Hugh Stephens, who saw a need in the market to be able to plan, create and publish posts in Instagram for multiple accounts with zero fuss.

Do we recommend Sked to our clients? Abso-freakin-lutely! 

There are many things to love about this programme, here is our hit list:

First Comments – this is where we suggest putting all your hashtags as opposed to incorporating those  within the post caption. We think this creates a fresh look for your followers but still incorporates hashtags to help with your search recognition.

Auto Posts – In terms of being efficient and effective when creating your Instagram account, Sked really has your bases covered. This tool allows you to plan and post your content in advance. Even if you manage multiple accounts, Automation saves you from logging in and out to switch between accounts. MASSIVE GAME CHANGER! 

Easy to Access Content – You can pull content from google drive or dropbox easy peasy, this works for stories, carousel, videos, single images and reels. 

Hashtag Heaven – Having the ability to save hashtags to a template manager for easy inserting into posts is literally the holy grail to this system. It also allows you to tag directly from the post publisher, hello golden halo!

Grid Layout – The easy drag and drop grid layout planner allows you to have control over the look of your account’s grid with minimal fuss. Being able to visually plan and publish your posts ensures your followers will be loving your aesthetically pleasing account view.

Ideal for Teams – By utilising the collaboration tool in Sked, multiple people can have access to the account which is a game changer in efficiency when it comes to getting feedback. It also ensures that workflow practices are being followed, and gaining approval for posts has been so easy. You can even restrict user access, so if you have 2 Instagram accounts and want to give the client access to their own, you can without them seeing the other clients.

Quick to add posts – Whether you want to post to one social media channel or multiple, you can do that in 1 simple step using Sked. Simply create a post, select the platforms that you want to post to. This will then allow you to fill in the common details that you want to include in the post, such as image, caption and URL. It allows you to fill in the information needed for each platform ensuring all the information is captured at one time.

Customer Service – Sked’s customer service team truely excel in their role. On the rare occasion that we have had an issue, they have been super speedy with their response and helping us rectify the problem we were experiencing. You even speak to a REAL LIFE PERSON! 

If this is the programme that you have been looking for, sign up today! As a referral bonus, you can save 20% off your first month’s fees when you subscribe using our unique link below.

Sked Social Coupon Code: 

Please note this is an affiliate link, and we may receive a commission when you click our link and make a purchase. This, however, has no bearing on our recommendation. We only recommend products and services we use ourselves.

I'm Michelle Tolhurst the owner, director of Creative Desk Pty Ltd. I'm your virtual marketing assistant working with small businesses around Australia in their creative communications, email campaigns, websites, social media and desktop publishing.

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