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custom link in acuity scheduling

Marketing Tip – How to Create a Custom Link in Acuity Scheduling

Did you know that you can create a custom link in acuity scheduling, that is on brand and meaningful to your business? Even with the free account of acuity, this feature is available.

Watch this short video on how you too, can create a custom link in acuity scheduling.

  • Go to the scheduling page link in acuity. The default link looks something like this ( using the words acuity scheduling and then a number to recognize it as your account.
  • Click change link name and then you can call it something meaningful for your business.
  • Click save and that link has been changed to an on brand name for my business.
  • Now you have a custom link I can share with clients.

You can also customize each of the individual appointment types. Click on the appointment types, then create a custom name for the session to be meaningful for the type of appointment.

I hope you found this tip useful.

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I'm Michelle Tolhurst the owner, director of Creative Desk Pty Ltd. I'm your virtual marketing assistant working with small businesses around Australia in their creative communications, email campaigns, websites, social media and desktop publishing.

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