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Can you help me host a virtual event?

Can you help me host a virtual event?

Yes, and we love to do them. Running a virtual event has many of the same characteristics as running an in person event, but also a few different considerations need to be taken into account as well. Here at Creative Desk, we have extensive experience in both virtual and in person events, but right now we are going to let you in on some handy hints and tips for running a virtual event.

  • Connect with good connection

Make sure you have a good internet connection, there is nothing worse than a glitchy host for an event. Check with your internet provider prior to the event to ensure no scheduled maintenance is due the same time as your event is running, and have a back up plan, such as a dongle just in case.

  • Venue  / Hosting Platform

Next you will need to choose your hosting solution. Depending on how many attendees you are expecting will help determine your hosting platform. Smaller events you may want to look at Microsoft Team, or Zoom (Zoom Meeting is our preferred choice). However, for larger events (500+) you may want to look at some other options. Comparing their products and services is critical as this space has become very crowded in the past few years due to the pandemic.

  • Let the fun times roll

As with an in person event, it’s important to keep your attendees engaged. We like to run a fun activity to break up the sessions, such as virtual bingo, virtual murder mystery or virtual escape room. These activities are a chance to bond with other attendees and lighten the atmosphere, allowing the information you have already distributed a chance to sink in. We also suggest including times for movement, such as a dance break with music, watching a clip or even some guided stretching / yoga exercises as another useful engagement tool.

  • Be Interactive

To enhance participation we suggest including polls and having questions and answer segments within your event. Not only does this increase engagement, it is also a useful feedback opportunity.

  • Party Bags are not just for kids

Be honest now, who doesn’t love a swag bag? These can be included virtually (eg vouchers, ebooks etc) or an actual swag bag that can be delivered prior to the event. This helps create excitement, as well as an opportunity to pass on additional information, or a chance to involve other similar businesses in cross promotion.

  • Food for the brain and the belly

As the information you are imparting is nourishing your participants brains, some food for their belly’s is also vital to keep concentration levels high. We suggest providing lunch vouchers (eg Uber Eats, Deliveroo etc) or if you are delivering your swag bags, some food options may also be delivered at the same time.

  • Testing is key

Testing of the platform, equipment and speakers is also vital to running a successful virtual event. Having tech support available on the day is also recommended to ensure that attendees are getting the most out of the event.

If you feel like you need a little more help with setting up your event, please do get in contact with us. We can help you set up the event, or even be a participant.


I'm Michelle Tolhurst the owner, director of Creative Desk Pty Ltd. I'm your virtual marketing assistant working with small businesses around Australia in their creative communications, email campaigns, websites, social media and desktop publishing.

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