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The Energy Wheel Results

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Energy Recovery

Breathing: 0

Stretching: 0

Sleeping: 0

Conscious Relaxation: 0

Energy Creating

Drinking: 0

Eating: 0

Playing: 0

Moving: 0


Detailed results

Energy Recovery

I am a non-smoker –

My normal breathing is deep and regular, rather than shallow and erratic. –

I practice deep breathing daily. –

When I am tense or upset, I take several deep breaths and feel myself relax. –

I maintain a relaxed, upright posture so that my lungs can function efficiently. –


After exercise I cool down by stretching. –

I deliberately stretch my major muscle groups at least three times per week. –

I gently hold a stretch position rather than bouncing and jerking.. –

I can perform all necessary daily movements without feeling restricted or stiff. –

I perform a variety of stretches that are appropriate for my lifestyle. –


I wake each morning feeling refreshed and rested. –

I leave a minimum of two hours between eating food and going to sleep. –

I refrain from caffeine and alcohol at least four hours before I go to sleep. –

I treat sleep as an important part of my routine. I aim for 8 hrs per night. –

I am able to switch off my mind from worries of the day. –


I use different techniques by which I can effectively relax during a week, (non-screen) –

I am satisfied with the amount of time that I put aside for relaxing. –

I do things to relax my mind every day. –

I do things to relax my body every day. –

I practise conscious relaxation (meditation) to improve my ability to relax so that I can apply the techniques when I need them. –


Energy Creating

I drink at least 8 (250ml) glasses of plain water every day. –

I drink fewer than 2 cups of caffeinated drinks (tea, coffee, cola,) per day. –

I drink fewer than 5 x 250 mls soft drinks or sweetened drinks per week. –

I drink fewer than five alcoholic drinks per week. –

I have at least two alcohol free days a week. –


I am aware and deliberate about the amount of energy (kilojoules) I eat each day. –

I eat in response to hunger and not as a reward, escape or punishment. –

I stop eating before I am full. –

I use my knowledge of the nutritional value of foods to make food choices that will help with my ability to perform. –

My distribution of the kilojoules I consume in a day is 30% for breakfast, 30% for lunch, 30% for dinner and 10% for snacks. –


I am able to laugh at myself. –

I have at least one activity (hobby, sport, etc.) that I enjoy but do not feel compelled to do. –

I do creative things for the fun of it. –

I laugh at least 30 times per day. –

I enjoy playing games without feeling compelled to win. –


I enjoy the types of physical activities and exercise that I do. –

The exercise I do is the result of a choice I have made relevant to my present physical condition. –

I have a number of exercise options that allow me to exercise continuously throughout the year. –

I give my body a complete aerobic workout (warm up, stretch, continuous activity that increases my heart rate for at least 20 minutes, cool down and stretch) at least 3 times per week. –

I move my body whenever possible. (Eg. I climb the stairs rather than catching the lift. I walk rather than phone.) –


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